A Conditional Commitment? Partisan Identity and Support for Democracy in the United States

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Principal investigator:

Matthew H. Graham

Yale University

Email: matthew.graham@yale.edu

Homepage: http://m-graham.com/

Sample size: 4027

Field period: 08/31/2019-01/21/2020

This experiment examined the effect of priming partisan identity on support for electoral fairness.
Priming partisan identity increases support for co-partisans who undermine electoral fairness.
Experimental Manipulations
Respondents were randomly assigned to a task designed to prime partisanship and a placebo task.
Probability of supporting the electoral fairness-undermining candidate in a candidate choice scenario.
Summary of Results
The treatment effect on partisan identity was smaller than in pilot studies and did not meet conventional levels of statistical significance (covariate-adjusted B = 0.042, s.e. = 0.027; unadjusted B = -0.024, s.e. = 0.061). The estimated effect on support for undemocratic co-partisans was close to zero (covariate-adjusted B = -0.007, s.e. 0.008; unadjusted B = -0.004, s.e. = 0.014). Estimates calculated as described in the pre-analysis plan: https://osf.io/gw493/
Additional Information
A manuscript is available at https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/vwe36/.