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Does Transparency Affect Survey Research?

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Principal Investigator(s):

Yanna Krupnikov
Stony Brook University
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Sample size: 766
Field period: 09/27/2015-01/22/2016

Research Questions:

1. Does informing individuals that their data may be made public affect responses to a series of questions varying in perceived social desirability?

2. Does self-monitoring affect individual responses to information about public posting of de-identified data?

Experimental Manipulations:

Change in information about public posting.

Outcome Variables:

Variables determined by previous research on social desirability. Includes measures to sensitive issues (e.g. abortion) and measures asked as part of the GfK panel (e.g. income, turnout).

Summary of Findings: 

Given that our goals were to consider a research question, we use a variety of tests to analyze diffences in patterns in outcome variables by our manipulation and by self-monitoring. We find some evidence that public posting information affects responses to our outcome measures.


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