Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) offers researchers the opportunity to capture the internal validity of experiments while also realizing the benefits of working with a large, diverse population of research participants.

Investigators submit proposals for experiments, and TESS fields successful proposals for free on a representative sample of adults in the United States using NORC's AmeriSpeak® Panel, a probability-based and highly-respected representative survey platform.

The current principal investigators of TESS are Maureen Craig (New York University), James Druckman (Northwestern University), and Jeremy Freese (Stanford University). TESS was started by Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan) and Diana Mutz (University of Pennsylvania).

TESS is funded by the National Science Foundation (SES-2017581).


TESS Special Competition Using Targeted Samples

Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) is an NSF-funded initiative. Investigators propose survey experiments to be fielded using a nationally representative US adults sample via NORC at the University of Chicago's probability-based AmeriSpeak® Panel.

Most TESS studies involve general population samples. We are excited to announce here a Special Opportunity for researchers to propose survey experiments to be conducted on targeted populations of adults – that is, subgroups of the US population that include only people who share specific characteristics.

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